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Tuesday night: back to Oregon.

The Indigo Girls had been keeping me company on the drive up from Red Bluff - 'Swamp Ophelia' is still one of my favorite albums of all time, and I had the CD on repeat the whole way.

A fire on my route held up traffic for close to an hour. After traffic started rolling again, I pulled over for a stop in Dunsmuir.

Exit 697 on I-5 northbound (to Hilt) is the last exit in California. A few minutes later, at 13:45, I passed the sign saying JACKSON COUNTY and a moment after that, OREGON WELCOMES YOU.

I took the exit for Ashland. Coming north on Siskiyou Blvd., I noticed a Chabad that I hadn't seen before. I could see my hotel, too, dead ahead, clear down Siskiyou; the hotel is literally a landmark, and it's impossible not to see it.

I spent the early afternoon resting up. The weather was still pretty hot - about 90F, not as bad as yesterday at Red Bluff but hot enough. So I took a nap and enjoyed the air conditioning until early evening.

I took a stroll around Ashland and stopped for dinner and beer at Louie's, where a slim, curly-haired man of about 40 was emceeing a trivia game for local patrons. (The Medford team won.)

This was my first time visiting Ashland at an even moderately leisurely pace, and I enjoyed the feeling of not having to hurry. I walked through the Shakespeare district and Lithia Park (which I hadn't seen before) and took a few side detours.

Early to bed tonight, early to rise tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a nice morning jog to Lithia Park.
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