asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday: Random updates.

The chaos from the move and the holidays is finally over and done with, and I'm settling back into a regular work schedule again. I will probably need to get a second job nights or weekends for a little while but overall the financial outlook is good.

(I'm thinking about delivery driving of some sort - anything from pizza to merchandise. I have a clean driving record and a working car with GPS. Scheduling around Shabbat may be an issue but it would depend on the gig. Other possible hurdle is that a lot of these kinds of jobs require a mobile app, and currently I'm on BBOS. But I don't think these things are insurmountable.)

I'll have been at my current daytime gig for six months as of mid-February. At the current rate there's probably another 3 or 4 months' worth of work left. At the 6-month mark, though, I'll have met my original obligation and it'll be an appropriate time to talk to the agency and find out if they can get me something a little better paying, else start looking around for something myself.
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