asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday morning: Clearing.

It looks like Portland may be seeing the last of winter weather, finally. Forecast calls for clear skies for the early part of this week, then some rain, but no more freezing temperatures.

I'm coming to the end of six months at my current gig, and starting to look around for something that pays better. Meanwhile the downsizing continues apace, with regular trips to Powell's to lighten the load of surplus books.

Getting ready to move forward to the next phase of life.
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Spring's almost here! :D
"Surplus books."

You know, the words are English, but when you string them together in that way, they don't make no sense...
LOL, I know I know!!! But unfortunately the phrase "surplus dollars" has even *less* meaning ...
I am loving the recent weather, big time. Now, if I could only stay healthy long enough to be able to enjoy it. That is my current issue, getting sick way too often, and now, having to have a bunch of tests to see if I have cancer.

Sometimes, you just can't get ahead.....
Oh dear.
At least your current position gave you some experience and cash. I'm glad that it worked out well for you.

*yay* for an end for Portland's wintery weather. I'm hoping that we are moving into spring as well. I'm ready.
To new beginnings!

* clink! *
I was so relieved to see the sun this weekend that I could have cheered. I think a lot of people in the Portland area have severe weather fatigue. The last month or so have been absolutely nuts.
I know right? Hey, I love the Northwest gloom as much as the next person, but this snow and freezing rain crap needed to stop. And I mean, a little sunshine every now and then keeps things interesting, right?
Two days of sunshine in a row in mid-Michigan here! We are often overcast. I used to think such weather was "normal" until I visited Northern MI several times. I sure enjoy the break from freezing temperatures.

Good luck on your search for better work. Some areas of the U.S. seem to be picking up. Maybe the rest of the country will catch up in a few months.