asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Life, and all that good stuff.

Well, I just couldn't let the day close without posting something positive after all those depressing current events posts.

I've been in touch with an old friend of Stephanie's and we're going to get together while I'm in the Bay Area, to start putting together a collection of Stephanie's work. This will be fun and exciting.

Got a lot of little chores out of the way today (laundry, housecleaning, etc.) so I feel a lot better. Going to turn in early and get some rest. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, but I find that insomnia is sometimes the result of having a sense of unfinished business. Often I rest better when I've done something - not just physical exertion, but actually accomplished something. Writing works that way for me too - it's as if there's a voice in the subconscious that asks to be expressed before it will allow me any peace.

Tomorrow, maybe some writing.
Tags: life

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