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From the look of things, we've got a little ways to go.

The following passage from SpaceRef is quoted exactly as it appears:
Automated M2M intelligence will work with a wide variety of mechanisms including wired or wireless tools, sensors, devices, server computers, robots, spacecraft and grid systems. A grid system is a network of many computers that can work together to complete tasks.

"Our technology interconnects all machines and provides an intelligent way for them to communicate and exchange information much more efficiently than before," said Geoff Brown, CEO and M2Mi Corp. founder.

"It provides a basis for true ma- chine self-dependency. We are hon- ored to partner with NASA to further develop this technology in demanding and unique environments," Brown explained.

"The vast cost of machine manage- ment is actually in the machines and complexity of the machines. Devices currently communicate in a very expensive way. For example, if you look at the space shuttle, the cost of having computers communicate is very expensive," Brown noted.

According to computer scientists, automated M2M intelligence uses a recognized standard 'semantic web' communication format so all machines can converse easily. Automated M2M intelligence encodes the information that computers and machines need to exchange into a universal language - the semantic web.

Nice. Will that universal semantic web be able to handle word-wrap?
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