asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Stephanie online.

EDIT: What is this stuff, anyway?

Here's the story on the four tribute sites for Stephanie:

The first link is on my TypePad account but is a joint project between myself and three of Stephanie's friends.

The second link is a Yahoo page done by one of Stephanie's friends, the artist Georgianne Fastaia. It's entirely her work and I cannot take any credit for the lovely job she's done.

The third and fourth links are on my Blogger account and were created by me. Of course, all of the writing is Stephanie's.

Also (in case you were wondering):

I do have an online presence apart from LiveJournal. My main project is a current-events blog called "Dreams Into Lightning" which I publish (with minor variations) on both Blogger and TypePad. There is also a site for my SF serial "The Queen's Courtesan / Space Lesbians" which I've been pimping relentlessly here on LJ. These, plus my Flickr page, are linked on the left-hand sidebar of my LiveJournal.

In addition to all of those, I have several minor blogs which I update sporadically.

Hope this answers your questions.
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