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Dear Kaiser: I am not Amanda!

Apparently some lady named Amanda left a whole ton of medical bills at the Kaiser Permanente center in Bellflower, California. Oh, and Amanda left them my number. Wasn't that nice of her? And so the good folks at Kaiser-Bellflower are calling little old me - or rather, their computer is.

I understand that creditors are sometimes going to end up with bad phone numbers for debtors. But the thing is, there is NO WAY to get through to the people at Kaiser that I'm not Amanda, I don't know who she is or where she's gone to, and I have nothing to do with her unpaid medical bills.

I tried calling them back at the number on my caller ID but no one in the business office is answering my calls.

I've already filed a complaint with the FTC, but they say it's not their department because Kaiser isn't using an outside collection agency.

So I don't know what to do next. Should I write a letter to the president of Kaiser, or try to contact the appropriate agency in California?

EDIT: Success ... maybe. I finally got through to a live CSR who tried to give me the "you need to call this number" routine. I responded with the "let me talk to your supervisor" routine. Said supervisor was helpful and apparently "got" the problem, and she took my name and number and promised she'd get back to me.

So, here goes nothing.
Tags: customer disservice

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