asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Stephanie online: New site rollout.

I've added enough material to the new site that I feel comfortable saying it is now officially "online":

The poem at the top, "Where the Night Water Runs", is one of my favorites, and I've used the "featured post" feature [?] on TypePad to keep it on the top. New posts come in below. Some of the pieces, including "The Old Captain" and "Conversations with a Flame", are newly transcribed from manuscripts and appear online here for the first time. Others have previously appeared at the earlier tribute sites.

Newly added here is a tagging system which allows you to group posts by genre (e.g. Poetry), theme (Nature), or format (Manuscripts). The image gallery currently includes scans of manuscripts and a few photographs from her scrapbook.

I'm planning to add more text and images over the next few days.
Tags: stephanie

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