asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Dishwasher

I'm getting my money's worth out of my dishwasher. Now, I could have put the half-dozen or so dirty dishes, soup bowls, etc. in last night, or for that matter Friday (since most of them have been sitting in the sink for that long) but really, what's the point of that? Now I have to explain, I come from a non-dishwasher family. Mom, G-d rest her soul, would have none of that consumeristic nonsense, no siree bob. Rubbermaid dishpan + sponge + two kids = your dishwasher. So now that I am the proud pseudo-owner of this decadent piece of machinery (it came with the apartment), I've got to get my (or the apartment manager's) money's worth. I mean, let's wait until the kitchen sink is really yucky and unsightly with unwashed dishes, right? And THEN apply the dishwasher. Oh, and we can use the excuse that we're conserving natural resources ... since, after all, this dishwasher was forced upon us against our will in the first place.
Tags: life

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