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Words and Phrases

Sagh-e shamb.
Good evening; hello.

Sagh-e gir.
Good night; goodbye.

Sagh-e sezd.
Good day. (used during all daylight hours)

sagh - good
sagh-e - good (predicative; or, "may it be good")

Keishe nin-ga q'aya!
May the Queen live forever! (formal greeting to royalty)

keishe - may she live
nin - queen
q'aya - at all times; forever

Ashmoi abu-ye desha, shegaisi-ha.
I would like a cup of water, if you please.

abu - water
dayash - cup or vessel
desha - cup or vessel (direct object case)

ashmi - I desire
ashmoi - I would desire (subjunctive)

shegisi - you want, it is your will
shegaisi - you are willing, you agree to (cooperative mode)
shegaisi-ha - if you are willing; please

heisi - you are
heimi - I am
vohem - I feel like, I feel as if I am (sentitive mode)

sadi - to help, assist
sayadi - assistant; courtier
dasi - to follow or serve
dayasi - servant; courtesan; in ancient times, a temple prostitute

- Heisi nin-wa sayadi!
- Vohem nin-wa dayasi.
"You're the queen's courtier!"
"I feel more like the queen's courtesan."

Kishnim sai.
I love you.
nil keshe ve nil kesre
in life or death

kayashi - to live
kesri - to die
kishni - to love

kali - to be worth, to have value
wegli - to examine

kayashti - she lives
ukeshti - she can live
ukeshi - it is possible to live
n'okeshi [contracted from ne-ukeshi] - one cannot live

ve - and (associative)
au - but

ardhu - planet, homeworld

sim-assim - you desire (emphatic; collective plural)
mim-ashmim - we desire (emphatic; collective plural)

Bharlid . nil shayar . Hovu . yaghra ve ardha.
created . in the beginning . the Divine Being . sky . and world

Nekalti-wagli . oi kesha . d'ne nekuyash.
it is not worth to examine . the life . that is not lived

Ê tele-shayar . Hovu'ya emmen . dasi.
is is the beginning of wisdom . the way of the Divine Being . to serve or follow
- the Kathrite creed

As-sholti . kishu . öl kesra.
it is stronger . love . than death
- the Amirite creed

Sim-assim kesha, au mim-ashmim kesra.
- the Singularity creed

Ê ardhu keshe-chir; au n'okeshi nil chir q'aya.

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