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Celtic Pagans Evade Arrest

Followers of earth-based religions strive to abide by the laws of the lands in which they dwell, but inevitably misunderstandings arise. A few years ago, a group of Celtic Pagans - Druids, in fact - participated in a ritual in a rural area outside of Glastonbury, England, which attracted some unwanted attention from the neighbors. Detials of the incident are sketchy, but there were rumors of skyclad ceremonies and the partaking of certain questionable substances. At any rate, the local constabulary were called, and the long arm of the law was put forth to apprehend the malefactors.

It was an extraordinarily thorough operation - an all-points bulletin was issued throughout Somerset, and roadblocks were even set up along the major roads leading out of Glastonbury. Sure enough, the dragnet yielded results: within a couple of hours, a suspicious sedan festooned with "Honour Mother Earth" bumper stickers was spotted by a local police officer. It seemed a likely getaway car for the magickal miscreants. The policeman directed the driver to pull over.

Indeed, it could not have been more obvious: the occupants of the car were garbed in hooded cowls, and the driver had a long wooden staff propped against his seat; the interior of the car was littered with greenery, chalices, athalmes, and other ritual paraphernalia. Surely an arrest was imminent.

But these Celtic Pagans were masters of the Craft, and highly skilled in the arts of persuasion and suggestion. So, as the policeman approached the car, the driver simply rolled the window down, looked the officer in the eye, and said calmly,

"These are not the Druids you're looking for."
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