asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Couch

It's old, beat-up, ugly as two or three sins, and SOOOO comfortable. I got it at a second-hand store (not the infamous Greedwill) for about $15. When I moved in my new, smaller place, I thought, "I wonder if that couch will fit?" And sure enough, it did fit.

As long as I kept it standing on one end, it fit just fine.

Well, after a few hours of unpacking and rearranging, throwing out the old moving cartons, putting books on shelves, moving stuff out into the hallway to the inconvenience of my neighbors, and more rearranging and more unpacking, I was able to put the gold-colored couch down on the floor, so that it actually sits horizontally and I am now free to sit, lie, recline, lounge, slouch, or otherwise relax upon it.

Before I moved, I sold off several other pieces of furniture thru Craigslist - a bed, a big elegant tan couch (which I bought brand-new), and a foldable blue futon couch which matched my color scheme nicely but was just wrong for my needs.

The ugly gold couch stayed.

Curiously enough, the couch has slowly begun to get less ugly in the time I've had it. That cigarette burn in the left cushion doesn't bother me anymore. The color ... well, it has character. And I'm sure that crisscross pattern is going to come back in style one of these days.

It's official: my new apartment is now home.
Tags: life

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