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I'm all kinds of geekiness.

Just finished spending almost the whole day getting Firefox and Thunderbird up and running on my two PCs and two Macs. W00t! Now that I've got Foxmarks going on, I don't have to worry about the vagaries of dot.Mac, and I can sync across platforms too.

That, after I spent the weekend putting up my fist web page - I mean a real Web. Page. Downloaded FTP clients (StaffFTP for Windows, Cyberduck for Mac) (and anything with a name like Cyberduck, you can be sure is for Mac), got hooked up with an account at a free web hosting site, dusted off my meager HTML skills, and managed to put a simple practice page together. Even played around with the hexcodes for RGB color. I want to go back and start editing with GoLive ... but part of me is afraid that will take the fun out of it.
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