asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Busy day ...

... and I'm tired. But I got a lot done.

I've officially set the final date for the move in early August. Got a month-to-month place on Market Street where I can stay while I look for someplace good. I want to be near TNG and of course I'll want to be able to have G over.

This afternoon I sent out the first few boxes of stuff via UPS. Now I've got enough space cleared in my apartment to give me room to pack.

Also done this week: opened savings accounts at two major banks. I've been banking with a small local bank for most of the seven and a half years I've been in Portland, which has lots of advantages, but it clearly won't meet my needs when I move to San Francisco.

And: got a job lead from my résumé posted on Craigslist. I'll call Thursday morning to find out more.

Now, got to crash for the evening. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get some more work done on The Queen's Courtesan. Turns out G is a big fan of the story! This is great because it gives me lots of encouragement to keep writing.

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