asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Plates

Some time ago I mentioned the dragon dishes I inherited from my grandmother. Well, in the process of unpacking and re-packing I've come across my mother's old china set (Limoges), which was somewhat discolored when I took it out of the box but That's Why The Good Lord Created Dishwashers.

Also I unearthed a commemorative plate from the Corliss Street Baptist Church, marking the church's centennial in 1958. This would have been right near my mother's childhood home, which I remember her saying was on Corliss Street. (The church itself, however, is located on Middle Street.)

Almost half a century later, the church is still going strong, and they even have a website (Corliss Street Baptist Church).

The picture on the website looks just like the one on the plate!

Tags: life

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