asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Clouds and the Rain

I love mornings like this. I love the soft, shadowless light of an overcast sky, just as the sun is coming up. You can't see the sun but you can watch how the light changes. I like to have my indoor lights off around the times of sunrise and sunset, just to watch the changing natural light without the glare of artificial lamps. You can hear the birds start to talk and chatter about this time too. Sometimes there are sea birds ... I heard somewhere that they're stowaways on the cargo vessels that come in up the river, and that you can tell when a ship is coming in to the Port of Portland by the sea birds.

A light rain is kind of nice because it makes everything shine. I don't care for a heavy downpour (I don't like being cold and wet any better than anybody else does) but a gentle rain is ok with me. I like to hear the cars shooshing by on the wet road.
Tags: life

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