asher63 (asher63) wrote,


CHANGE: Note to a Young Freedom Activist
(a 1,000-character essay)

It's good to know there are younger activists out there. Keep reaching out to people, quietly but firmly. It only takes one voice to change an atmosphere of conformity. It's hard to be that one voice. But once you make yourself heard, some people will start to question their assumptions.

It's human nature that we don't like to reverse our positions quickly: we don't want to be seen as easily swayed, and we like to feel that we're thinking for ourselves. So give people time to come around.

You and your peers have grown up with computers and come of age with the internet. I am very impressed by the things that people are doing with web technology. Ten years ago, when the web was full of flashy, gimmicky new sites, I worried that the internet would erode literacy. I'm pleased to say I was wrong: the advent of blogging has made literacy more relevant than ever, and has made the open exchange of ideas both fashionable and exciting.

Ultimately our most powerful persuasion is not over the net, but in real life, interacting with our friends in person. That's your most important tool. But don't miss the chance to expose others to this valuable source of information and communication.
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