asher63 (asher63) wrote,

San Francisco isn't as horrible

as I was expecting.

It ain't Portland, OK, but it ain't too bad.

Cost of living is, well, what it is. But there's also a pay differential that partially offsets the higher rents and prices. When I went to the temp agencies and they asked me how much I was looking to earn, I said "at least 12 dollars an hour" - which would be good money for the kind of work I do in Portland - and they were like, "we don't even have anything that pays that low!" Apparently I should be looking more in the 14 - 17 range, which is good. So basically it's just that San Francisco dollars are different from Portland dollars.

Also: MUNI is not quite the nightmare it used to be, as far as I can tell. I rode the N-Judah to the Montgomery Station at 8:30am on a Tuesday morning - and it wasn't crowded at all. Sure I had to stand; but there was room to breathe, and I wasn't a**hole-to-elbow with 50,000 other motley specimens of humanity. And the trains and buses seem to be running on schedule, plus there's little things like better signage than when I last lived here. I don't know how much of this is attributable to the introduction of the SFMTA - which was created just after I moved to Portland - but it looks like somebody is doing something right. So I hereby duly note the marked improvement in MUNI, and hope they keep it up.

Yup, I miss Portland, but I'm trying to stay focused on the positives. So that's my props for San Francisco for today.

It ain't Portland. But I can get used to it.
Tags: iheartsf

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