asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Smile

"When I first saw the video of Hossein and Majid Kavousifar I did not undrestand why he was smiling while being taken to his execution. ...

I recently had the pleasure of reading Akbar Mohammadi's Memoirs, a quote stuck with me "I am not afraid of death. It is quite true that life is precious, life is sweet but for freedom and in defense of the people, death is even sweeter"

I have been thinking about Kavousifar's and Akbar Mohammadi's smile for quite sometime now, and it finally came together. Now I undrestand why he was smiling.
Kavousifar's smile was not one of defeat, it was of victory, it was a smile mocking the oppressors and telling them that the end is near..."

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