asher63 (asher63) wrote,


Sagh-e gir, sagh-e gir,
Dalse miq'h prai gelam.

Sagh-e gir, sagh-e gir,
Atmise kayash tatam.

Sagh-e gir, sagh-e gir,
Nangise dayo abam.

Sagh-e gir, sagh-e gir,
Kairise shone arja.

Sagh gir, sagh dadal,
sagh kayash, sagh gir.

Sagh-e gir, sagh-e gir,
Sigse q'aya miq'h kesham.

Good night, good night,
May you fly among the bright stars.

Good night, good night,
May you breathe the breath of life.

Good night, good night,
May you drink the waters of the Infinite.

Good night, good night,
May you return in peace to the homeworld.

A good night, a good flight,
a good life, a good night.

Good night, good night,
May you dwell ever among the living.

Dedication/Sududor: Sophia Lee Fastaia
Born/Mugen: 2007, September 25, 20:33
jur 2007, sezd min-chom-lia september, min-chom saq'hat esh-chom-esh dakikin
Tags: life, navari

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