asher63 (asher63) wrote,

57 varieties of catch-up.

1. Hi.
2. I'm now on the cusp of two months in San Francisco.
3. TNG is great. His report card leaves room for improvement, but we can work on that. It's fun being with him.
4. The WOMD (Woman Of My Dreams) is great. Her parents are visiting from the East Coast and running her ragged (together with the baby) but she's holding up well.
5. I have a stye in my left eye. It's on the mend but still somewhat uncomfortable. Until today I didn't know what a "stye" was, until I googled 'sore spot eyelid' and voila, there was a detail-perfect description of the painful little zit that's been lodged on my lower left eyelid for the past few days. Live and learn.
6. Market Street is a great place to run in the earlyish morning: flat, long blocks, wide sidewalks.
7. Happy birthday lloli!
8. Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans' Day, heldc's birthday! It is a mystical synchronicity.
9. Hooboy ... melograna's mention of "a huge slice of angel food cake with peaches and strawberries" is giving me major pavlovs.
10. Just got the family clock and some of my grandmother's dishes out of storage.
11. Against my better judgment, I have allowed myself to be sucked into the social networking system whose name translates as "front part of the head + printed work containing numerous pages". * sigh *
12. I do not play zombies and vampires.
13. Or werewolves.
14. Family clock just chimed. I thought the noise of its ticking and chiming would keep me up now that I'm living in a studio, but no, I slept just fine last night and I actually find it relaxing.
15. Bought candles for the Sabbath. Not really the right kind, but they'll do. This is the first time in a long time.
16. Muni still sucks.
17. Muni has actually improved quite a bit over how bad it was a few years ago.
18. But Muni still sucks.
19. I did not go to the Castro Street Fair.
20. Or the Castro Street Halloween.
21. I was a BlackBerry owner for exactly one week.
22. The hard drives on both of my PowerBooks decided to die within six weeks of each other. Got 'em both replaced.
23. Finally bit the bullet and sent my Toshiba in for repairs too. It needs new capacitors in the power supply.
24. I've started reading one of those Teach Yourself UNIX books. I now know just enough to be very, very dangerous to my computer.
25. The temp-to-hire job wasn't. The agency had got it wrong, it was only a six-week temp assignment, no permanent-hire option. So I'm between gigs.
26. But I've got a possible gig starting soon, maybe this Friday.
27. My new iPod works a lot better than the old one did. Makes it more enjoyable to go out running now.
28. That plus the big sidewalks on Market Street means I don't have any more excuses not to run. So I'm doing 20-40 minutes on an almost daily basis now. That's better than I've done in a long time.
29. Halfway there!
30. The Harvest market down the street sells these cool ready-to-eat meals from India. They come in three brands - Koh-i-Noor, Tasty Bite, and Sanskriti - and numerous vegetarian flavors. They're awesome! It's Indian food in an MRE.
31. G's parents fly out on Thursday. Yay!
32. If you want me to friend you on MyFace, or whatever it's called, let me know.
33. Why do they call it a "wall", anyway?
34. I used to get in trouble for writing on the walls in high school. (Maybe that's the idea, it makes it sound more rebellious and fun.)
35. Fifty-seven looks like it ought to be a prime number, but it isn't; it's nineteen times three. (Math check: three twenties make 60; take one away from each of them and you've got three nineteens - 60 less three.) Fifty-nine is prime though.
34. I do not eat ketchup.
35. TNG still has some catching-up to do on his math, but he is rapidly closing the gap, I'm pleased to report.
36. I don't know if he likes ketchup. But he has developed a taste for mustard, which he didn't used to like.
37. And yes, "didn't used to" is perfectly good English, dammit.
38. I believe with perfect faith in the return of dot.Mac. And even if it be delayed, I will await it.
39. Even if it's another three frakkin' weeks.
40. Michael's in Las Vegas. Then he's going to Fallujah.
41. I am going to boycott Daylight Savings Time. Maybe I'll just set all my clocks to GMT.
42. I've never actually done that before; the most I've ever had is two or three clocks on GMT.
43. I spent about an hour this evening creating numerical tables in a hexadecimal number system I designed.
44. "The Queen's Courtesan" is now 40 chapters long.
45. That's probably at least 39 chapters too long.
46. On item 40, I was tempted to add, "Some folks get all the luck." And I do envy Michael for being able to travel in the Middle East, but really, when I look at my life now, with TNG and G and little Sophie, I think I'm pretty damn lucky.
47. I do miss Portland, though.
48. "Linden" by Jeanette Alexander and "Sargasso Sea" by Suzanne Cianni are two absolutely heart-rendingly beautiful pieces of music. Easily my two favorite instrumentals of recent memory.
49. I'm also actively developing a long-latent interest in classical music. Getting to be a big fan of Bach, Handel, and Tchaikovsky especially.
50. I have no immediate plans to upgrade to Vista or Leopard. I am a late adopter.
51. The building under construction next door was testing its alarm system very noisily at 7:30am last Saturday morning. (OK, the building itself wasn't doing anything, the people working on it did the testing.) I walked around the block, took down the name of the construction company and the project, found the company's website, and submitted a complaint by webmail. Don't know if that did the trick, but I haven't heard that fire alarm lately.
52. I haven't done any photography in a while and I miss it. Maybe I'll take my camera out for a walk around the neighborhood tomorrow.
53. The building I'm living in is as ugly as two or three sins on the outside, and it's not in the best neighborhood. But they've done a fairly decent job with the interior, and the courtyard (with swimming pool) goes quite a ways to compensate for the building's many faults.
54. I've finally learned the derivatives of the inverse trigonometric functions. Just in case I ever get around to enrolling in Calculus again.
55. G used to go to the St. Francis Fountain with Stephanie. We've been there together a few times and it's awesome. Hopefully we can get down there this weekend.
56. Maybe I'll take TNG there for a meet-up.
57. It's time for bed.
Tags: random trivia

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