asher63 (asher63) wrote,

40 down, 100 to go.

So, TQC has been on hold while I've been busy with real life, but the project is still very much alive.  The two-page-story-that-got-out-of-hand should (I estimate) run to about 140 chapters if it's to be a regular novel.  (And if not, well, whatever.  But at least this gives me something to shoot for.)

Now that I actually, like, have a life - which wasn't the case when I started the project two years ago - I feel a lot more comfortable writing about conflicts, relationships, sex, and so on.  Also I want to branch off into more stories like this one that take place in the Gilkesh universe but not in the time/space frame of TQC.  (Beardedpunk's comment interested me - it's good to know that I use different styles to reach more people.)

And yes, I do plan to write more stuff that's not specifically Gilkesh-related.

I think what I mainly need to do is discipline myself to spend a certain amount of time working on writing every day.  There are a bunch of scenes and chapter fragments floating around in my mind, and I need to string them together.

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