asher63 (asher63) wrote,

TQC and beyond.

I'm officially taking a break from "The Queen's Courtesan" to give myself more freedom to work on other material. I'd originally planned the piece as a short story, but it just kept growing and growing. I was starting to feel I was getting bogged down, and it was keeping me from developing other ideas. I definitely plan to come back to TQC when I'm refreshed and have had some time to develop other stuff.

I've got a much clearer idea of the Gilkesh universe now than I did when I started, and I want to explore other stories set in the Gilkesh universe but not in the space/time setting of TQC. Also I want to work on some non-Gilkesh-related ideas. So I expect the coming calendar year to be a good time to commit to writing on a regular (edit: DAILY!) basis, and to grow both the quantity and the variety of my work.

Also, if I do post more of TQC in the near future, it may be in the form of excerpts, which will not necessarily be in sequence as the prceding 40 chapters have been. I can put it all together later when I'm revising and editing.

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