asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Gregorian chant, with refrain.

Being a slave to the conventions of the civil calendar, as we all are to some extent or another, I'll acquiesce to the ritual of New Year's resolutions ... or something vaguely similar.

Every year better.

I want to make every passing year better than the last one. More love, more play, more work, more true wealth. More life and living, more connection with the people closest to me.

Every year better.

More time spent enjoying the good things I have and working for the things that matter to me. Less time wasted worrying over last year's hurts.

Every year better.

More faith in next year, faith that there will be a next year; more responsibility taken for putting a little something aside for the future. Less fear over things that are beyond my control.

Every year better.

More lunches and coffee meetups and parties and intimate talks. More hugs and kisses. Fewer arguments and stony silences. More friends and more family.

Every year better.

More commitment to being myself - creative stuff, writing, drawing, music, learning, playing. More of the things that made the past year better than the one before it. More faith that the next one will be even better.

Every year better.

Happy new year.

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