asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Six Months.

Things I miss:

Powell's Books.

The Blue Moon; and McMenamin's, generally.

23rd Avenue. Yes, even though it's yuppified.

Fred Meyer.


My old apartment, the Commodore.

The bridges.

Pioneer Square. It used to be a ten-minute walk from my front door.

Morrison Street.

Michael of . Drinks with Michael and the gang at the Horse Brass on Belmont.

Walkable streets.

Those summers. After the rain that seems to never end ... oh God, those summers.

Polite people.

The Mercury (for people who are toooooo hip for the WW!).

That coffee house with no name on Burnside and Trinity.

MAX to the airport.

The river.

Washington Park.


The library; especially the Central Library on SW 10th Avenue. I like a library that looks like a library.

City just the right size, reasonable cost of living.

Walkable streets.

Free Wi-Fi.

Old friends.
Tags: life, portland

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