asher63 (asher63) wrote,

State of the Universe

A week ago I moved out of the Market Street apartment and in with my best friend B. It's way cool 'cuz we get along great and have a lot of common interests; rooming with her is fun. Also she's a seamstress and I'm hopefully going to get to help her out with making clothes and stuff.

Last night we went to Fields Books to see the Tibetan artist Romio Shrestha - B has been a big fan of his for a long time. It was fun and I enjoyed hanging out in Fields. (Not as big as Powell's but nice and cozy and lots to explore!) Towards the end of the event I started getting nauseous and realized I hadn't been drinking enough water and was becoming dehydrated, so we had to hurry home. But it was a great evening.

I'm starting the apartment hunt this week. The long-term plan is to find a place where G can move in with me later; we've talked it over and we are definitely on the same page, so it's really nice.

I am officiallly a CrackBerry user now. My first experience with BlackBerry was frustrating, probably because I had a lot of other stuff going on and didn't take the time to learn to use the thing properly. Anyway, second time around and it's fun. Last night I successfully downloaded some Wolfram ringtones ( which was the big milestone!

Seeing TNG this afternoon ... going to take him to Japantown, which is right next door to where I'm staying with B. He'll love J-town, especially the bookstores. Manga heaven!

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