March 29th, 2006

New Moon

The new moon in Aries came at 2:15am PST today.

Monday last week, March 20, was the Spring Equinox, and also the Persian/Kurdish and astrological/astronomical New Year (Aries point). Rosh Hodesh Nisan - the beginning of the lunar month of Nisan on the Jewish calendar - begins tonight, and it's also one of four "New Years" on the Jewish calendar. (Rosh Hashanah, six months away, is the major "New Year", and I can't remember what the other two are.)

I don't have any profound thoughts on this occasion, but I'm taking a little extra time to meditate. May the new lunar month bring blessings and renewal to everyone.

New journals ...

... the kind you write in with a pen. I just went down to Powell's and scored some nice new Moleskine writing journals, and yeah, I think they should carry a disclaimer on the label that says "no moles were harmed to manufacture this product" but what can you do.