May 29th, 2006

... and life goes on ...

So, I had a job interview late last week and it's looking good. I really hope I get this one: it's critiquing web pages for a company that works closely with [insert name of big computer firm here]. The pay is 14 bucks an hour! W00t.

Counting down to this Friday, whereon I am to attend the Event. And, hopefully, see the Event Coordinator. {swoons}

Think I've actually lost some weight around the tummy. Looks like all those trips to the gym - and the spartan diet I'm on - are finally paying off.

Hopefully I'll look presentable by next Friday?

Cottage cheese.

Yes, cottage cheese. The pasty, much-maligned food of dieters.

Am I the only one who actually LIKES the stuff? Seriously. I just polished off a bowl of it for dinner. Yum.