June 28th, 2006

Moment of humility.


Department of Redundancies Department:

I just took a look at my last episode of The Queen's Courtesan and realized I'd used the same modifier FOUR times in a single episode. AAAARRRGGHHHHH! Don't look for it, it's gone now. (Out, evil modifier!) But damn, how humiliating.

Memo to self: Read the frackin' draft before you post it. Sheesh.

Got a date with the Phelps thugs tomorrow.

A friend telephoned to let me know the Westboro Baptist goons are going to be protesting at a soldier's funeral tomorrow. The Patriot Guard folks are going to be there to prevent the grieving family from being harrassed. I'm going with some friends.

The soldier is Robert Jones of Milwaukie; he was assigned to the the 40th Engineer Battalion, Baumholder, Germany. He was 22. He was killed on June 17 when his vehicle was hit by an IED.