July 16th, 2006


The last open entry was a poem from a collection by Lucy Cooper Summers, called "99 Patches". She was a friend of the family when I was a kid. I managed to rescue her book, among tons of others, from the old house after Mom died. Lucy passed on a couple of years ago. The other day I did an internet search (or "called it up on General Information" as SRD would say) the other day, and discovered that the illustrator of "99 Patches", Lucy's sister Muriel Cooper Clark, just passed on a couple of weeks ago. I followed links and found Muriel's suriving brother-in-law's weblog and sent him a message, which he kindly responded to. Weird world of connections.

Open Letter

Dear F-listers,

Your posts on bodily functions fascinate me endlessly.

I'll never look at green tea lattes the same way again. (You know who you are.)

My life has been endlessly enriched by the details of men's and women's personal accommodations, and their uses, in various countries and hemispheres.

And those of you who have posted on the subject of farting: indispensable.

Especially the one with the farting snakes. You have elevated the concept of "snakes on a plane" to a whole new level of nightmarishness.

I love LiveJournal.

Thank you.