September 9th, 2006

Space shuttle flies.


"Shuttle Atlantis roared into space soaring toward the International Space Station for the first construction mission since the 2003 Columbia tragedy.

The shuttle blasted off in a cloud of white smoke and reached orbit about nine minutes later with six astronauts aboard and a cargo containing two huge solar panels to generate more power for the ISS. ..."

Coolness. Now let's get hot on that moon thing.

Flickr ate my life ...

... and Photoshop spat out the bones.

For those just joining us, I've started a Flickr page.

New material to be posted very soon.

I blame daddi_cade for starting me on this road to perdition. And bluecarp (whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently in San Francisco) for lots of stimulating conversation about art, science, gender, and society. (Don't forget to check out her homepage.)

Now I find myself taking my little dig-it-all camera around with me wherever I go, and thinking, "Hmmm, looks like material for a photo ..."

Actually, many of my images on Flickr are either abstract (from computer-generated mathematical plots) or highly reprocessed from NASA photographs or other sources; so, most of the pieces aren't candidates for Flickr's "interesting images" feature. But hey. It's MY addiction, dammit.

And don't forget to visit daddi_cade's LJ to see how a REAL photographer does it.


I'm getting slightly worried about Aria. Not panicking yet, but I am worried.

She seemed ok yesterday, and I put her to sleep and everything was fine. And this morning she seemed all right too, but then she started making funny noises. My heart skipped two or three beats. She's two years old, and these things make me nervous. I tried running Disk Utility, but nothing happened. Finally I had to do a hard shutdown and restart her. The noises again ... it sounded like her hard drive. Then she wouldn't start up, I just got a picture of the smiley Macintosh logo alternating with a file and a question mark. After two more cold shutdowns and restarts, I finally got her up and running, ran Disk Utility again, and removed some of the bigger applications (Mathematica and Starry Night) from her startup list. Then I let her sit for about half an hour to collect her thoughts, and finally - very carefully - powered her down from the menu.

I'm hoping for the best.