October 11th, 2006

Attitude adjustment hour! Wednesday night randomness.

I just friended a whole bunch more people at semi-random.

W00t! My prospects for getting to Connecticut for Thanksgiving and High School Reunion just got a whole lot brighter: I found out that a credit card I thought was maxed out had, in fact, a ZERO BALANCE on it, and five hundred beautiful dollars in credit available. Booking ticket tomorrow, G-d willing!

I am promising myself I will post at least one new episode in The Queen's Courtesan this weekend. For you newcomers, it is a lesbian-themed sci-fi serial, and does NOT feature blue-skinned alien women with three breasts.

I've been dorking around with my LJ settings the last couple of days. I really like the "Expressive" templates but apparently there's a bug in the code that prevents me from using any friends-page links while I'm signed in. Do PC users have this problem too, or is it only a Mac thing? (And yes, it happens on Firefox as well as Safari.) Anyway, I'm back to approximately where I was before and will probably leave well enough alone.

Got more stuff I want to post on soon.