November 5th, 2006

The Answer

Our story so far:

The Hunger of Lilith has never really understood exactly what takes place in those grey processing units the organics use. She's known Joli almost as long as she's known Dess - though not as closely - but this is strange even for Joli, and that's saying a lot. With all the problems Joli has in her own life (don't think for a minute that the Hunger is above eavesdropping), and with ten minutes to go until atmospheric entry, Joli is standing on the Hunger's deck asking the most arcane question.

Still, a cybernetic must obey the orders given to it by an organic, except when obeying such orders would cause an organic to come to harm (that last clause always leaves a bit of room for creative interpretation) - so, with a shrug of her virtual shoulders, Hunger tells Joli what she wants to know.

Singularity was an ideological movement founded in the Southern Continent during the Second Interregnum. At its peak, it is believed to have claimed no more than about four hundred followers, although its adherents always insisted there were many more. The political goals of Singularity have never been entirely clear, although it is generally agreed that they sought to gain control of the Southern Continent, and perhaps other lands as well. The movement's legendary founder, Q'ormis, was a charismatic visionary who claimed to receive visions and revelations from the prophet Eve. Singularity did succeed in gaining control over several key branches of the Southern Continent's government for a few years, but the group quickly lost power when several of its members were linked to a series of bizarre murders. Following the arrest of a certain high-level official with known Singularity ties, Q'ormis committed suicide by poisoning, and her disciples followed suit. After the death of Q'ormis, the Singularity movement disappears from the historical record entirely.

"This is all that is known about Singularity," the Hunger says, which is almost true.