November 29th, 2006

Putnam forever!

The local headline is that the cops have arrested two suspects on that shooting (the guy who was shot a couple of weeks ago when a bunch of people waiting for the new PlayStation were robbed - it happened in Putnam just before I got here). The shooting victim is going to be OK; the suspects are from nearby Danielson, Connecticut.

The announcer on the local radio station is pissed - and I don't blame him - because they called the media in Hartford for the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade (see here), but supposedly they "couldn't find their way" to Putnam ... but the shooting, they could find Putnam for that! [Insert MSM rant here.]

You know, I'd never driven in Connecticut before, I'm completely unfamiliar with the area, and in fact my driving experience is fairly limited ... but somehow I managed to find Putnam from Bradley Airport, in the dead of night, after flying across the country. But hey, that's just me. Grrrr.

Anyway, I'm now past halfway through my stay here. Having a great time ... and looking forward to going home to Portland, Oregon next week.

Black Espresso

Victoria Station, Putnam, Connecticut. By now, they know me well enough here to know that I like my espresso "black". In all honesty, I'd never suspected there *was* any other way to drink espresso. But I've led a sheltered life.

The decor here is classy and funky; they must have spent a long time raiding the antique stores. A very nice job.

Two cute young women are working behind the counter. The younger of the two looks about 22 and is skinny to where it's almost scary. A 40ish woman in a sweater orders pastries. "I have to weigh in tonight ... it's not going to be good, after Thanksgiving."

Through the glass door of the side exit, I can see the train station, which appears to be abandoned. Yesterday I wondered idly whether there's an Amtrak line that stops in Putnam; if so, I might be able to make it to New York City this weekend to visit some friends there. But you know, if I don't make it to NYC, I don't think I'll be too disappointed.