March 22nd, 2007

Life! New and improved!

Don't look now, but I have another date. This weekend. This will make four dates in four consecutive weekends with this lady - no, make that FIVE dates in four weekends, because we saw each other last Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon, when I dragged her around Washington Park and got us lost. Incredibly, she is still speaking to me. More on this to follow.

In other news: I own more computers than is really decent. My new PC laptop is now up and running and fully loaded with goodies, after I figured out how to network it with my G5 and successfully imported my whole iPhoto collection (about 1000 images). Also got the PC's copy of Photoshop running glitchlessly after I figured out what was throwing it out of whack (it kept giving me an error message saying "Your computer's configuration has been changed ..."): It was that ten-key numeric keypad I bought a while back, which (I learned from my PC tech) uses a now-obsolete USB-1 connector instead of the current USB-2. (Color me confused, but wasn't the whole point of the USB thing to get *away* from these compatibility problems? I would ask, "When is a Universal Standard Bus not universal or standard?" but I think you get the point.)

Despite my best efforts, I have failed to get myself fired from Hotel California and I am still slaving away at my document scanner 8+ hours a day for the meager pittance they deign to pay me. Hey, it's all good. It's a job, and it'll look good on my résumé. Actually the work is not bad and the people are nice. (Well, most of them are nice, and the rest are interesting.) Anyway, HoCal is officially hiring me away from the staffing agency at the end of this month; I'm also taking a few days off from work around that time, so when I go back to work I'll be an official HoCal employee.