February 29th, 2008

The cold morning.

It's cold. I don't like cold mornings, but hey, that's life. Looking forward to relaxing and taking some downtime. Looking for a place will now be my "day job".

Currently I'm staying with B, who is my BFF and with whom I can share amazingly small quarters without us getting on each other's nerves. She is teh awesome.

I can haz Blackberry! My first encounter with the BB a few months ago proved overwhelming and I gave up on it after a week. This time round it's going much better and I am turning into a major CrackBerry addict.

Here where B lives (Sutter/Fillmore) is a nice neighborhood, funky but not a ghetto, busy but not overcrowded. Looking forward to getting out and walking around a bit next week.

Thinking I might start posting on Flickr and 23 again.

I am a morning person and a compulsive early riser (typically five o'clock). But some mornings I like to just lie in bed.

This is one of those mornings.
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