March 5th, 2008

Back to clicking.

This afternoon I finally broke my long photography hiatus and took a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. (Oh, yes. With my regular camera *and* my new BlackBerry.) I'll post more of the results tomorrow; here are one or two for tonight.

That last pic is Sophie's Crepes in J-town, where I met up with bluecarp once, many moons ago.

Mac dies (again).

Last summer my two Powerbooks had their hard drives die within six weeks of each other. Now it looks like the 17" has given up the ghost again, already. This is the machine that I got fixed by that guy out in the avenues; I didn't really trust hiim at the time, so this tends to confirm my prejudice. Anyway, I guess I will take it to the PowerBook Guy downtown, who definitely knows what he's doing and is recommended by the folks at the Apple Store.

My next computer will probably be a Compaq. My *first* laptop was a Compaq Presario, vintage 1999 ... and it still runs!

I hate Andrew Lloyd Weber.

His music is cheesy. And schmaltzy. And mainstream, commercial, and banal.

And utterly irresistible.

This man INVENTED the earworm.

Fuck you, Andrew Lloyd Weber.

PS - This song inspired the title of this post at my political blog. Watch this
and you'll see what I mean.