April 21st, 2011

Soon to Go Live


The day care operation should be ready for business by June, assuming the Health and Safety training next Friday (4/29) goes without a hitch and my application is approved. I'm actually thinking of opening up as a babysitter as early as the first week in May; as a babysitter (or "unlicensed provider") I can take any number of kids from the same family, but I can't watch children from more than one family at the same time.

The site is still very much under construction but it's shaping up the way I want it. I've embedded a Google calendar on the calendar page so that I'll be able to post hours of availability and schedule changes. I'll be able to post things like lunch schedules and planned activities, too.

I'd originally created a site under the name "Asher Abrams Day Care" but I decided I liked the sound of "Child Care" better. I may try to come up with a cute business name later (I'm leaning toward something like "Wild Things Child Care") but for now this will do.