June 27th, 2012


Repossessed coteries
incestuous voids
reptilian messiahs
frowning institutes.

Knights grappling,
seamless nightdress,
reptilian inquisitor
brutalizes tameness.

Nemesis overdoes
prideful cooperating,
adulterated exorcists
listen, censured.


worksheet whorehouses,
meritocracies leveled,
unaffected expressways,
pronounce mortality.

sentinel threatens,
sugarplum swindler,
lipstick billiards,
erasable nerves.

kerosene sledges,
rechristen chromosomes,
vesper meetinghouse,
smoothest almighty.

ablution thousandfold,
heatedly cheer,
cremate unburied,
madwoman bride.

Adobe Bookshop

... is folding. I'll be sad to see it go.

'... Adobe Bookshop has been a “neighborhood institution” for twenty-four years, says Aaron Novak, who organized tonight’s event and flew out from the East Coast specifically for tonight. ”We’re doing this for the community, the people that come here everyday.”

Due to rising rent and fewer customers, the store is expected to close August 31.'

That, and the increasing problem of being mistaken for a computer program.

So it wasn't bath salts ...


... it was the munchies.

Meanwhile, the homeless man whose face constituted the cannabis cannibal's last meal is recovering. He's expected to keep his right eye - though it's doubtful if he'll get his vision back - and the docs say he's got a great attitude. Video is on the left at the linked page, and they ain't kidding when they say it's graphic.