March 5th, 2013


The Old City of Tel Aviv

It is evening. I am strolling through the stone arches of Tel Aviv's Old City with a group of friends, perhaps tourists. "Most people don't know this," I say, "but it's actually larger and older than the Old City of Jerusalem." Eventually the group disperses and we all go our separate ways. I duck into a late-night café; it's in an Ottoman building with ceramic tile ornaments in the style of Yaakov Agam. I see a woman I recognize from earlier - an attractive, forty-something redhead. She is now looking despondent and gazing into her coffee. We talk for a few minutes, and then walk out into the night together. And then I wake up.

Of course, Tel Aviv doesn't have an "Old City" (unless it's Jaffa) - Tel Aviv itself is barely 100 years old. But it would make a great title for a story.