October 13th, 2013



The Mission District is named for Mission Dolores, the historic site that sits just two blocks from where I live. Mission Dolores was built and founded in 1776 by Father Francisco Palou - sidekick to the famous Father Junipero Serra. (Serra himself was down south in San Diego at the time, dealing with problems in the mission there.) The mission marked the northernmost extent of the Spanish missions in Alta California.

The Mission District is bounded, roughly, by 14th Street to the north, Army Street (Cesar Chavez) to the south, Sanchez on the west, and Potrero on the east. I live near the north-western corner, just north of Mission Dolores and around the corner from the Church Street Muni underground station.

The Mission is a great place to explore, and I went for a walk this afternoon. The weather was beautiful, clear and cool. I headed down toward 20th and Alabama, where I rent an art studio that mostly serves as a storage room. Down there, it's quiet and there are leafy trees leaving their leaves on the street. It smells like autumn. (Closer to where I live - in the hipster territory around Dolores Park and Valencia - another aroma is more common.)

Working downtown, I'd gotten in the habit of heading up to Church Street - away from the Mission - to catch the Muni downtown. My visits with TNG took me in that direction too, so I lost the habit of exploring the Mission. Today was a good chance to catch up.

I headed back home up along 16th Street and stopped for some very spicy, very tasty veggie curry at Pakwan. It really hit the spot.
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