January 18th, 2014

My last week in SF ...

A week from tomorrow, I'll be packing up and heading back to Portland. FINALLY!!!

It's been seven years since I left Portland for San Francisco, and entered into an ill-advised relationship. Becoming a co-parent to Bunny has been the happy outcome of all that. But I miss Portland and I'm sick of SF - and besides, I can't afford it here.

I'm looking forward to having some stability in my life again - one thing that's been missing for the last 7 years. I am older, obviously - soon to turn 51 - but strangely, I feel I'm becoming stronger and healthier.

And I'm feeling more creative - looking forward to getting back to writing.

Trillium Lake

I was up in Portland over the Christmas holidays, and ushered in the new calendar year with friends Michael T. and Michael W. hiking to Trillium Lake. It's about a 2-hour drive from Portland. The hike from the parking lot to the lake is somewhere between a half-hour and an hour - I don't remember exactly. Michael T. (the instigator of this expedition) was expecting the trail - actually a closed, paved road - to be hard-packed snow, but it was unseasonably warm and there had been a lot of melting. So large parts of it were covered in a mixture of ice, snow, and slush.

I wasn't dressed for it at all. I'd come to Portland for a visit and apartment-hunting, so all I had was street clothes. But it turned out OK - the only problem was the patches of slush, for which my tennis shoes were no match. (Michael T. had presciently brought clip-on cleats.) I managed by hugging the edge of the road where I could get some traction on a narrow band of about six inches of dirt, before it fell away into steep up-grade on one side and down-grade on the other.

Despite being about 6 or 7 years older than the two Michaels, I'm proud to say I kept up a good pace and even stayed in the lead by about 50 to 100 feet most of the way. When we got to the lake, we found it only half-frozen. We sat down at a park bench to relax - Michael T. had brought a collapsible chair and Michael W. a bottle of champagne - toasted the new year, and headed back.