November 30th, 2014

Update on Life

Coming up on 12 weeks since I broke my arm. Slowly but surely, the pain is diminishing (although it's still a bitch at times), and my mobility is increasing. I can raise my right hand just over the level of my head, but it's still going to be a while before I can do a Lady Liberty pose.

Two weeks left in the semester at Portland State. Am focusing on buckling down for the finals. I think I've got Modern Physics, US History, and Linear Equations mostly under control.

Last night one of the students in my Acting class had a get-together for her 25th birthday and we met up at a karaoke place, just three blocks from my house as it happened. I steadfastly refused to sing until the birthday girl put Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" on the rotation, and I caved. What a beautiful song (I pray I didn't ruin it too badly), and I'm pleased that younger people are enjoying it too.

There's a very good chance I will move to a new neighborhood after January. There's an apartment complex in the Hillsdale neighborhood that I've got my eye on - it'll be a nice area, lots of families with kids, and close to the Jewish community. And I'll save money on rent, so there's that.

BTW, I realize I've generally shied away from living in "Jewish neighborhoods", partly because I assume they'll be more expensive. Is that internalized anti-Semitism? I actually think it's based on a certain amount of experience. But be that as it may, the area I'm looking at is where most of the active Jewish community lives, and it appears to be quite affordable.

I get my car back tomorrow. The engine needed a lot of work, but I guess that's the reality of owning an older car. The mechanic I talked to seems quite competent and professional, and I trust him. It's a big place that specializes in Subarus, too, so I am working on the assumption that I'll benefit from more expertise than if I took it to the nearest auto garage.

And that's all for tonight.