January 19th, 2015

Prosecutor in Argentina Bombing Found Dead

Prosecutor in 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish center bombing found dead - CNN.com

'Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, has been found dead in his apartment, Argentina's Ministry of Security said Monday. A .22-caliber gun and a shell casing were found with the body, the agency said. Nisman's mother discovered the body Sunday. Nisman, who had been under the protection of a 10-member security detail, was set to testify Monday to lawmakers on a report alleging that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman had covered up Iran's involvement in the attack...'

More on Nisman

'In a 31-page summary report obtained by The Long War Journal, Nisman said that Iran's "clandestine intelligence stations and operative agents ... are used to execute terrorist attacks when the Iranian regime decides so, both directly or through its proxy, the terrorist organization Hezbollah." '

Dumisani Washington on MLK and Zionism

Anti-Zionist civil rights activists dishonor Dr. King's legacy | Dumisani Washington | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

'In sharp contrast to Angela Davis’ characterization of the Jewish State, Dr. King had this to say on March 25, 1968 (ten days before his assassination):

Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all of our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel, and never mind saying it, as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land almost can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy.'