January 29th, 2015

Thursday afternoon

The Subaru mech says he thinks he's found the problem with Dr. J: the ignition key switch is loose - very loose - and it's possible I could have removed my key without powering the car all the way down. So he's going to replace the ignition and I should have my car back by next week.

Linear Algebra is much less scary the second time around. I've got a good prof who explains the material well, plus my mind is more focused now than it was last term and I'm able to absorb the material better.

Yikes, I've got a birthday coming up.

Summer Reading


This has been on my to-do list for years, and finally it looks like I'll have enough time - and enough control over my own life! - to get to it. I can probably start once the current school term finishes in March. I'm going to read ALL of Toni Morrison's novels, straight through, starting with 'The Bluest Eye'.

I'm a huge Morrison fan but I haven't been able to keep up due to, well, life. I discovered 'The Bluest Eye' as a young adult (I was stationed in Monterey with the Air Force, and I stumbled across the book in the base library) and I was drawn in by the book's explorations of family abuse and body image.

She tackles racism unflinchingly but never allows her characters to become one-dimensional 'victims'. Her language is magical and hypnotic and her descriptions of characters and landscapes are unforgettable.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with Morrison, from 'The Bluest Eye' up through her latest release (her tenth novel), 'Home' - the story of a returning Korean War vet, which I haven't yet read. She's also got a new novel, God Help the Child, coming out this year.