March 3rd, 2015

Tuesday morning

Bunny's mom home safe in SF. (She sent some adorable pictures of Bunny - I'll post under a friends lock.)

Beautiful clear, cool day here in Portland. School is largely over and it's a good time for me to start moving forward on travel plans. Have already set appointments for routine medical and dental check-ups, plus required immunizations.

Coin-Operated Parking Meters

Do they still use them where you live? If not, when was the last time you saw one?

(Inspired by a post by spikesgirl58.)

In San Francisco, coin meters gave way to card-operated ones a few years back. Here in Portland, it's mostly kiosks (some solar-powered) where you insert either cash or a card and get a ticket, or else "pay-by-plate" and enter your license plate number on an alphanumeric keypad. (The latter kind are ticketless.)

A few weeks ago I took a drive to Hood River, about an hour away, and discovered coin-operated meters still in service there. I had to duck into a coffee shop to get change because I'd stopped carrying around quarters!