March 6th, 2015

Friday afternoon

Beautiful, clear, cool day in Portland. School term is functionally over; there's one more week of lectures but lots of people skip it to cram for finals.

I'll probably be among those skipping class next week, partly to study for finals and partly to take care of a zillion other minor chores (like, ummmm, taxes) that need doing.

Travel plans continue apace. I'll post more details as the relevant dates get closer.

Spring Forward Rant

Okay, do I need to tell you how much I hate changing the clocks?

And another comparatively minor annoyance, but this still irks me: The US now uses daylight saving time almost eight months out of twelve, and so-called "standard time" for only four months.

If we use "standard time" for the minority of the year, what in the world is "standard" about it?

Never mind, I just hate the whole thing. I don't think getting the Federal Government to overturn it is realistic, but maybe if more and more states opted out of it ...

Anyway, have a great weekend regardless.