March 12th, 2015


I've never been a really big gamer, but I understand the appeal. I started playing World of Warcraft a few months ago. More accurately, dabbling in it - my character is only up to level 18, and I don't play competitively. Mostly I just play to enjoy the scenery, and try to figure out what new realms I can go into without getting immediately waxed by giant spiders. (That's enough incentive for me to advance, because as I get to higher levels I'll have a better life expectancy in those new realms.)

Back in the early 1980s I got roped into a game of Dungeons & Dragons. That was in the pre-online era, of course, and D&D players prided themselves on using only printed materials and dice - no high-tech stuff. I was at the age when you're supposed to enjoy D&D if you're a nerd - about 20 - but it didn't hold my interest.

What I do tend to enjoy on the computer are simulation games like X-Plane and Orbiter, where it's fast-paced and you are honing a specific skill set (i.e. flying an aircraft or spacecraft). I've played chess against the computer off and on; I'm not terribly good, but I may eventually come back to it and try to develop some skill, mastering the basic openings and learning to think ahead. The computer never gets tired.

Any gamers out there? (Either computer or otherwise.) What kinds of games do you enjoy? What do you like or dislike about gaming?