March 25th, 2015

Summer Reading

I've been promising myself for several years that I'm gonna get caught up on my favorite American novelist, and now, finally, I'm getting the chance to do that. My do-or-die project for this year (spring/summer) is to read, in chronological order, all the novels of Toni Morrison.

I started last week, re-reading 'The Bluest Eye' (which I first discovered as a young adult in the base library at Monterey). It is just as good as I'd remembered it. I just finished 'Sula', which I didn't like quite as well; and I'm now on to 'Song of Solomon', which is easily one of my favorite books of all time.

Then 'Tar Baby', 'Beloved', 'Jazz', 'Paradise' ... etc., up to the just-released 'God Help the Child'.

So that's my reading list for the immediate future. I hope to be posting my thoughts here soon.