May 31st, 2015

Atlantis Surfaces

In the midst of what I hope will be my last and final dealings with the Got-Junk people for the foreseeable future, I was weeding through a box of old books for any titles that I might want to save from the discard bin. I actually found one that I'd been looking for just last night: 'Atlantis' by Samuel R. Delany. []

I thought of it because I had started re-reading 'Having Our Say' by the Delany sisters Sadie and Bessie, Harlem centennarians who had lived together for their whole lives. [] (Bessie passed on in 1995 and Sadie in 1999.) They were, in fact, aunts to the famous science fiction writer, who was the son of their youngest sibling, Samuel Ray Delany Sr. (1906-1960). The title story (of three) in 'Atlantis' is SRD Jr.'s envisioning of his father's world in 1924. So I thought it would be fun to read them side-by-side to compare these memoirs (in SRD's case, an imagined memoir) from the same era, the same community, and the same family.

Lady Wisdom and Mistress Folly

I'm working on getting Proverbs 6 thru 8 nailed down in the Hebrew. This hasn't been my favorite section of P in the past but I'm warming to it now. I really like the contrasts between the feminine personifications of Folly and Wisdom. (I don't have to be bound by the reading of "physical gratification and heretical ideas" propounded by the good folks at ArtScroll.)
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I'm not super religious or a Bible geek, but I am very fond of Proverbs.